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A platform with a pulse.

The pulse coursing through our platform sets us apart.

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Having a comprehensive yet easy-to-use digital platform is critical in co-marketing management. At Cooperate, we believe it’s the people—and their complementary practices—that truly maximizes what our clients and their co-marketing partners  get out of a platform. That’s the “pulse” beating in our platform. It makes Cooperate unique, and you more effective.

High-Tech + High-Touch = High-Efficiency Results

Meet the Co-op Resource Center

Our advanced, multifaceted digital platform offers an intuitive, seamless co-marketing experience and delivers meaningful results at the local level.

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The CRC delivers full transparency and unparalleled access to co-op program managers and participants across end-to-end strategic and administrative functions. Planning to implementation. Pre-approvals to disbursements. Balances to billing. Get up-to-the-minute information, reporting and analysis from any device, any time.

It’s backed by an industry-best customer service and support team offering white-glove, concierge-level care plus a host of complementary marketing services. We deliver user experience, customer satisfaction and program result levels unmatched in the marketplace.

Additional Services

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    Our expert strategic planning services deliver insights, research methodology, data analysis and more to enhance your co-marketing initiatives at the discipline, local and national levels.

    • National Planning
    • Role Identification
    • Opportunity Assessment/Identification
    • Integration
    • Strategic/Analytical Consulting
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    The communication, administration, and issue resolution needs of co-marketing programs present unique management challenges. We excel at the big picture elements AND small details to further optimize your program.

    • Communication
    • On-boarding
    • Issue Resolution
    • Tactical Activation
    • Optimization
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    Channel administration

    Depth of experience allows us to administer co-marketing programs and the many requisite details that come along with it—including responsibly managing multiple parties’ funds—with ease.

    • Co-op and MDF Administration
    • Verification/Compliance
    • Reimbursement
    • Customer Support
    • Management/Reporting
    • Analytics and insights
    • Digital Asset Customization / Management
    • Best in Class Platform
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    Identify the best options for the heart of your co-marketing media efforts. Our expert partners excel at planning, buying, and placing traditional and new media so you get lower prices and higher added value.

    • Local/Group Planning
    • Buying
    • Reporting/Reconciliation
    • Analytics and insights
    • Digital/Social Services
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    The majority of brand purchases happen in-store or online. Our team identifies and impacts the optimal points in a shopper’s path to purchase that drive increased brand choice and incremental unit sales.

    • Environmental
    • Sales Promotion
    • Local Store Marketing
    • Sales Incentives
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    Achieve the powerful sales and affinity boost only experiential marketing can provide, in a more cost effective way. Leveraging our insights and experience, we take you from planning through implementation.

    • Planning
    • Development
    • Implementation
    • Field Marketing
    • Demo/sampling
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    We concept, craft, and produce compelling messaging that more effectively delivers brand positioning and builds brand preference. Level up how you connect and communicate with your customers.

    • Concept
    • Art/Copy
    • Keyline
    • Digital Content
    • National Asset Extension and Versioning
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    Program Education

    Brand building requires advocacy at every level. From initial field training to continuing education, we empower your retail salespeople to share product features and benefits to prospective customers.

    • Field Training
    • Marketing Co-Planning
    • Modular Process Development
    • Ongoing Communication & Continuing Education
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